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The Economic Crimes Authority (SECA) proposes certified accountants to become mandatory


Economic Crime Authority (SECA) considers that the abolishment of the statutory audit is a risk factor for limited company is used as a criminal tool, and proposes that companies without auditors must have a certified accountants, to counteract.

A recent report by the Economic Crimes Authority shows that companies without an auditor are overrepresented in planned economic crime. 80-85 % of all registered companies deselect auditor and thus lack external transparency of the business and who sits on the board. The lack of transparency is something that increases the risk of limited liability in joint-stock companies is used as a criminal tool.

The reintroduction of the audit requirement is not adequate. Economic Crime Authority (SECA) proposes that the limited joint-stock companies that does not have an auditor must hire a certified accountant.

"Accounting consultant could then be hired to establish the bookkeeping for the company (optional), and establish a financial certificate (required).  Financial certificate could be divided into two levels; Level 1 is equivalent to the financial certificate that the accountant establishes according Reko (Swedish standard for accounting services). Alternatively the companies hires a bookkeeper only for a review (Level 2) in which the financial statements have been reviewed. "

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