We are Accountor Sweden

We are Accountor Sweden

About us

We are one of Northern Europe's largest full-service agencies in the financial services industry. Accountor's history is the story of over 100 family businesses in several countries, which together have formed a strong outsourcing and software company. We help companies of all sizes getting a more efficient business administration.

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Who are we?

In Sweden, we are more than 300 employees in 9 locations. All of us driven by a passion for achieving results, striving for success together with our customers. But Accountor is much more than mere numbers - we engage in people, care about each other and dare to show emotions.

What do we do?

Our mission is to help our customers benefit from the modern, digital technology for their accounting, payroll and HR. We want to help you and your business work better and reach beyond your competitors. We can, among other things, help you with

  • Managing your company's payroll administration
  • Managing all, or part of, your company's accounting
  • Process mapping and digitization
  • Electronic invoice handling
  • Qualified advice in tax and accounting
  • Recruiting staff to your finance function
  • Interim solutions in accounting, payroll and HR
  • Online education in accounting and payroll

Managing Director - Magnus Högvall

“Your success is the goal. On our way there, we want to guide you into the new world of digital opportunities and a smarter economy. The time has come to lift your eyes, look forward and create values - not administration.”

- Magnus Högvall, Managing Director

Our customer promises

  1. You get the right delivery - and you get it on time
  2. You are close to our experts who know your industry and your reality
  3. We work proactively to help you

Our values

We are proud of our values: Respect, Trust, Courage and Future.

It is important for us at Accountor to live up to our values and to be trustworthy, responsible and ethical towards our customers, partners, employees, board members and other stakeholders. Accountor Code of Conduct, contains the basic guidelines for how we work. It is our risk management tool and describes the general principles and guidelines that all our employees, managers and partners must follow. Read more about Accountor's Code of Conduct here.

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We aim to continuously reinvent financial services. We are investing heavily in new digital services and developing our staff to become better financial management professionals. Everything we do is for our clients' benefit. We are happy to serve both large international clients and smaller companies. We are a people business – it’s all about the relationship between you and us. We want to offer you the highest quality customer experience in both digital and personal services. How can we help you?

We have over 100 offices around Northern Europe, with over 2,000 professionals helping our clients to succeed.